Old Navy, Hardly Old

As I flittered around Twitter this morning – yes, I’m a total Twitter fiend and you should be, too! – I found that Matchbook Magazine posted a link to an outrageously sweet polka-dotted pink sweater from a surprising source: Old Navy. (Sidenote: If you’re not already familiar with/reading constantly/loving Matchbook Magazine, please do so at this point in time. I’ll patiently wait…because their e-issues are totally worth your time!) I mean no offense in saying that Old Navy reminds me of high school, cheapness, and messy sales floors, but up until this morning, offense was more-so my intention. Now, after seeing what appears to be a New Arrivals section filled with such trendy patterns and ga-ga color schemes, I can proudly say I’m a reformed woman.

Old Navy Finds Clockwise at Top Left:  Printed Crew-Neck Pink Polka-Dot Pullover $24.94 // Mini Messenger Bag $19.94 // Boyfriend Jeans $34.94 // Ribbon Bow Tie Flats in Ivory Shimmer $19.94 

That boldly yellow satchel? Those comfortably sexy boyfriend jeans? I think it’s safe to say that Old Navy is hardly synonymous with anything old.

Old Navy Polka-Dot Top with J.Crew Faded Chambray Shirt (old), Forever 21 Jewelry (old), Forever 21 Faux Fur Collar (old)

All Forever 21 Jewels

6 thoughts on “Old Navy, Hardly Old

    • Thank you lady! I’m slowly but surely learning through practice, but I totally need to take a class somewhere. Love following your blog, too! Everyone, check out her work!

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