Party Sweets

If you dream in pinks and polka dots, think about confetti and cupcakes, take an enormous amount of pleasure in planning pretty tablescapes and tea parties, well then, I hope you’re ready to meet your online soulmate: Shop Sweet Lulu.

Jade Cake Stand, $40 for 6" $65 for 10", via Shop Sweet Lulu

The brainchild of crafting/collecting/company owner Jessie Senesse, Shop Sweet Lulu was created with a perfect party in mind and how we all might orchestrate such a lovely gathering given the right materials (and the right prices). Even in the event there is no gathering to be held, no friends in town to wine and dine with when you’re in the mood to socialize, who doesn’t want a lovely set of striped straws laying around for that strawberry margarita you’ve whipped up for your own private promenade?!

Lovely Lulu Straw Mix, 20 for $3.50, via Shop Sweet Lulu

Among the many colorful patterns, you’ll obviously find everything from polka dots and plaids to stripes and chevrons! Oh, how I love me anything chevron…

Tiny Treat Chevron Bags, 100 for $20, via Shop Sweet Lulu

I’m also particularly obsessed with these little berry baskets. Not entirely sure why – as my daily activities hardly involve any sort of berry growing or gathering – but I have every bit of confidence in myself that I will eventually find a role for these little cartons to fulfill.

Berry Baskets, 10 for $5, via Shop Sweet Lulu

And pink polka dot paper suitcases?! I’m considering using these as office organization materials – thinking about them sitting on a shelf is literally making me swoon…

Pink Polka Dot Paper Suitcases, $17 - $25, via Shop Sweet Lulu

If you’re not already in deep, deep love, shop around their site and check in on their blog. I guarantee you’ll find yourself party planning in ways you never thought possible – and Shop Sweet Lulu will gladly help you do so.

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