Bauble Bar, Fully Stocked

Hunting for exotic, uniquely bold, downright strange jewelry is a guilty pleasure of mine. If I can get away with wearing a plain cotton tee and some five-string bling around my neck for an evening out, then you can bet your buns that’s what I’ll be sporting. So when I discovered Bauble Bar, I just about kissed every high maintenance outfit goodbye and welcomed in a whole new species of glitz to my wardrobe. The web-based jewelry box carries an eclectic collection of – you guessed it – baubles that fittingly dazzle for any occasion at an extremely cooperative price. Need a cocktail ring? There’s plenty. A pair of magenta earrings? One in every size. A bangle crafted with a pair of frogs? Of course!

1. Chevron Necklace $38 // 2. Vintage Rose Ring $46 // 3. Amphibian Bangle $46 // 4. Versailles Dye Gem Earrings $94 // 5. Iced Lilac Drop Earrings $90 // via Bauble Bar

The coolest part about Bauble Barring is that the same products purchasable on their website are the same products you see dangling from the ears and wrists of A-list celebrities. And countless magazines have styled Bauble Bar gems (which may be why their site begins to look familiar), always boasting affordability and high volume glam. Currently on my to-buy list? A pair of crazy neon earrings, as featured in the appropriately named ‘Electric Thrills’ trend section…

Acid Antoinette Earrings $72 via Bauble Bar

The Bauble Bar is fully stocked. Enjoy!

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