To the Maxx

Finally finding time for a little shop hop, I decided to check in on an old favorite of mine: TJ Maxx. I never really considered myself a Maxxinista until my mom started bringing home flashy designer bags with outrageously cheap price tags. Even then, I couldn’t believe her luck in the store – until she taught me her bargain shopping ways. Frequent stops are a must in order to snatch their good-goods up, and as I’ve been stupidly preoccupied with all things not fun lately, I wasn’t expecting to find much. I should probably shop with this pessimistic mindset more often because I literally wiggled and danced in the aisles when I saw the glorious heap of Kate Spade bags just waiting to be plucked. And boy, did I pluck!

Kate Spade Cooper Square Zippered Darcy Bag in Black $375 $149.99, TJ Maxx

Don’t think I stopped with the handbags, either! Strutting over to the jewelry case, I couldn’t help but snag some of Kate’s jewelry, too, including this white beaded necklace that will absolutely match my new turquoise bowed blouse from ASOS (hello, summer!)…

ASOS Blouse with Side Tie Pussybow $50.13, ASOS // Kate Spade Cut to the Chase White Necklace $98 $29.99, TJ Maxx

Plucking, snagging, wiggling – all indicators that I went to the Maxx!

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