Chalk Rocks

It seems I’ve been channeling my inner eight-year-old lately as my Pinterest boards are quickly filling up with images of all things covered in chalk – jars, wine bottles, globes, headboards, entire walls, refrigerators. Things are getting a little out of hand, but I really can’t resist the industrial feel of a pseudo-slate canvas etched with little reminders to buy eggs or keep up the good work…

Chalkboard Wall via Pinterest via The Old Painted Cottage

Chalkboard Fridge via Pinterest

These inspirations lead to a day scouring the web for chalkboard treasures that would turn my home into an adult playground of sorts. Much to my pleasure, I happened across a few trinkets that will do just the trick!

1. Chalkboard Globe $45, Concept Furnishings via Etsy // 2. Chalkboard Heart Labels $9, Terrain // 3. Chalkboard Spice Jars $10, Anthropologie // 4. Chalkboard Piggy Bank $95, The Curiosity Shoppe // 5. Chalkboard Vase $18, BHLDN // 6. Chalkboard Office Boxes $4 – $39, CB2 // 7. Art Gallery Chalkboard $179, Wisteria

Now go on and steal your 5-year-old’s favorite box of chalk, and chalk it up yourself!

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