Prepare to be Wooed: Jason Wu for Target

Set your alarm clock, grab a Starbucks (maybe a can of pepper spray?), and designate a drop-off driver because there’s no way you’ll even see the Jason Wu for Target merchandise if your stuck trying to find a parking spot when the line drops tomorrow morning. Yes, the blessed day has finally arrived for all of us crazies to wrestle over a limited number of silk pink blouses and pleated skirts, all designed by a fashion guru known for his ultra feminine frocks and delicious details. As Target’s latest collaborator, Jason Wu smartly crafted $19.99 looks that could easily be mistaken for $199.99 looks, and from the bottom of this savvy shopper’s heart, I extend a very genuine, very grateful thank you, thank you!

Jason Wu for Target Styles via Fashionologie

My master plan for when the clock strikes 8AM tomorrow morning? I’m heading straight for the accessories department…

Floral Scarf $19.99, Target via Fashionologie

Floral Satchel Bag $39.99, Target via Fashionologie

And if you just can’t wait for February 5th, you can head on over to the mildly insane eBay venue where a handful of merchandise leaked prematurely. As tempting as it might be to secure this navy poplin dress for $150 today, I rather take my chances and pay the $39.99 its really worth tomorrow.

Prepare accordingly. Find your local Target here.

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