Be My Valentine

Bite Size Heart Sugar Cookies via Sugar Sanctuary on Etsy

With Valentine’s Day right around the corner, you might be asking yourself one of two things: “what should I get my loved one this year?” OR “what do I want this year?” Don’t worry, it’s alright to admit you’ve been bookmarking pages and Pinteresting pretty pink hearts and dropping sly hints to your significant other as soon as February 1st rolled around. I know I certainly and shamelessly have done all of the above, but every year I face a different sort of struggle that typically frustrates the hell out of my holiday heart: the endless search for sweet little gifts for my girlfriends and gal pals (and of course, mama!). To make matters complicated, this variety of valentine requires a special set of criteria: thoughtful, not awkward, and budgeted. In (most) cases, it’s not too kind to hand over a box of candy with a Walgreens $1.99 sticker stuck to the bottom and claim you care – nor is it appropriate to hand over some lacy lingerie to your (confused) coworker – nor is it very sweet to spend $200 on a treat that looks $200 to your bestie who had no idea you were exchanging valentines this year.

From my bottomless pit of bookmarks and pins and picture files, here are my top candidates for trinkets and treats that will make your girlfriends (and maybe even yourself!) the happiest girls in the world this Valentine’s Day!

1. Love You More Pillow $16.95, Paper Source // 2. Needlepoint Valentines $78, Terrain // 3. Heart Bangle Duo $28, Bauble Bar // 4. ‘Lacquered Up’ Polish $8, Essie // 5. Woopie Pie Heart Pan $12.95, Crate & Barrel // 6. Beaded Heart Earrings $17.91, ASOS // 7. Heart Wayfarers $5.80, Forever 21 // 8. Heart Measuring Spoons $28, Terrain // 9. I Love You Card Box Set of Eight $16, Rifle Paper Co.

And if you’re really looking for some unique gifts for your usual valentines, Etsy is the virtual place to shop. I am honestly having the hardest time concentrating with these sweet suckers popping up on my screen saver every time I take a computer break. The yummy colors alone make my heart melt!

XO Lollipops $12, Vintage Confections on Etsy

An early but happy Valentine’s Day to you all!

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