Threaded Masterpiece

As a lover of literature and a lifelong collector of books, I seem to subconsciously seek out strange and  interesting editions to join my jam-packed bookshelves. Rare and exotic copies, intricate prints, engraved hardbacks – you name it, this book worm will find it and admire it for hours on end. No joke: I own at least fourteen different editions of Moby Dick, which means duplicate titles are always fair game for collecting so long as they offer a new chapter in the publication’s history (do I sound like an English professor yet?!).

So you can only imagine my delight when coming across a set of remarkably embroidered book covers specially crafted for Penguin Classics by the very talented Jillian Tamaki. This wonder weaver worked her fingers to the bone for two months to create the three unique covers that make up the first (of hopefully many!) designs for the Penguin Threads Series. Post needle-and-threading, the final jackets for The Secret Garden, Black Beauty, and Emma (as seen below) are all sculpt embossed to retain the textured goodness of a homespun with love edition, and made readily through both Penguin and Amazon.

Jillian Tamaki Cover Art for Penguin Classics via Jillian Tamaki

Jillian Tamaki Back Cover Art, Available on Amazon

When you’re finished swooning and snatching up a copy for your own collection, I recommend checking out the rest of Jillian Tamaki’s extraordinary handiwork. Her Monster Quilt is equally swoon-worthy and her cavalcade of illustrations are as thought-provoking as they are enchanting.

That said, happy reading!

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