Friday Finds: Pink and Orange

My latest Forever 21 shopping extravaganza quickly lead me to the realization that I am extremely in the mood for summer.  Beneath the fickle Texas weather and the bitter cold temperatures, I keep myself from going bananas by coloring my wardrobe (and thus my life!) with bright accessories that I might be able to squeeze into the pre-season wardrobe and a whole lot of wishful thinking about the heated and happy months to come…

Braided Rope Necklace $8.80 & Lacquered Chain Necklace $8.80 // Forever 21

Lacquered Chain Necklace $8.80 & Blue Wrap Necklace (old), Forever 21 // Blythe Blouse $98, JCrew

A silk blue shirt and some tangy textures will always brighten my mood – even when the sun wont shine! And of course, a pink-and-orange beaded clutch in my favorite geometric pattern doesn’t hurt to have lying around either…

Chevron Beaded Clutch $24.80, Forever 21

Summer, please come to meeeee – I’m ready for you!

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