Pretty Protection

I am absolutely accident prone – even more so when it comes to expensive electronics and Apple products. I am no longer allowed to have a cute iPhone cover because the last three flimsy pieces of colorful plastic I bought either broke apart or broke the phone. And I am too frightened to even carry my iPad in public since, of course, it’s destined for an even more terrible fate than its smaller, slightly more manageable counterpart that I’ve been coveting with a cover that somewhat resembles a Tonka Truck. So sexy.

And while I could spend my time sending Apple concerned consumer mail asking why, oh why their most sophisticated products on the market are neither shatter proof nor insurable for under $199, I much rather start the hunt for a durable and pretty protector that makes carrying my precious iPad out into the streets of chaos physically possible. Luckily, the electronic accessories market is booming with options – but only the strongest will survive for this clutz!

Clockwise at Top Left Corner: Dannijo Rawson Case $105, Shopbop // Jimmy Choo Tyler Glitter-finished Leather Sleeve $495, Net-a-Porter // Cheetah Printed Case $24.99, J.Crew // iPad Map Case $19.99, Urban Outfitters // Proenza Schouler Neon Sulphur Case $685, Proenza Schouler // Kate Spade Polka Dot Sleeve $50, Piperlime

It’s only a matter of time before I’m gallivanting around town with my iPad, knowing its safe and sound in its pretty, pretty pouch.

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