Elephants on Parade

My love for fabric is almost – again, almost – congruent with my love for paper. I have been known to buy uniquely covered throw pillows that have no business being in my home just so I can ogle at my own discretion. I frequently pop into fabric stores to see what’s new or on sale despite my lack of sewing abilities, ergo my craft closet is somewhat stockpiled with miscellaneous (but beautiful) textiles. The majority of blouses in my wardrobe are either patterned or printed with everything from squares to sparrows to sailboats. This is starting to sound more like an obsession with design than with fabric, but that’s okay – definition aside, I’m still a sucker for the patterned goods.

Today my obsession turned me borderline NUTSO when I stumbled upon an insanely bold hobo bag, printed with quite possibly the sweetest yellow and white elephants that ever paraded around on this earth. I about fell out of my chair then quickly got back up and spent the morning googling similar patterns to melt my heart. Literally, I was tweaking.

Elephant Printed Hobo Bag $58, Women's Girl on Etsy

Alas, I’ve had my eye on a cheeky set of blue hued patterns that I really need to get my hands on…

Blue Jumbo Dots by Domesticate, Spoonflower // Dachshund Print, Emily Bond England // Blue Dollies by Heidi Kenney, Spoonflower

Looks like my craft closet will most likely explode after I welcome this set of patterns! Or maybe I should just learn how to sew…

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