Curtain Crush

My wonderful dad came to help Ryne with yard work yesterday because our lawn is looking quite a fright, and seeing no such room for our meddling and direction giving, mom and I set off to Target for a quick grocery run (as if grocery shopping at Target could ever be considered “quick”). Stopping by the home section is always a must – plush towels and printed servewares are commonly in my basket come check out – and yesterday, I was so elated to stumble upon these ‘Farrah Fretwork‘ window panels that I knew could go in my office, or my bedroom…or even my living room! Multi-use curtains are a real score in my book!

I honestly don’t believe that Target’s website photos do these curtains any justice, but trust me on the black and khaki styles – they are as neat in person as the blue ones I scooped up.

Farrah Fretwork Window Panels $16.99-29.99, Target

And for 84″, $16.99 window panels that look designer branded and strikingly similar to these honeycomb curtains at Anthropologie, I’d say they are quite a deal!

10 thoughts on “Curtain Crush

  1. Two things: I love these curtains and I lovvvve your blog! I randomly stumbled upon here through pinterest & everything is so pretty! Will definitely be a regular visitor! 🙂

  2. After searching online for hours for a similar (affordable) print, I finally found these on the Target website. We just painted my son’s room a bright aqua and are trying to decide between the black and khaki color. I thought since you had seen these in person, you might have some insight. I also like the rust color but it looks more copper on the Target website. Thanks for posting your comments on the curtains!

    • The website really doesn’t do ANY of the colors justice – the rust color is probably the most spot on (maybe a bit redder in person?) and might make for a great contrast against the aqua blue, but then you’d have to do a lot of accent matching which can be difficult with a color like “rust”! I absolutely recommend the khaki over all because it’s a little bit lighter in person (not as “goldy”) and will probably coordinate more subtly against a bright aqua wall – which, by the way, sounds fabulous!
      Let me know how it works out – and thanks for finding my little blog!

  3. I’m in love with these curtains, as well. Plan to use them in our master bedroom. Scooped up 2 panels “just to see,” thinking they would work there or in our living room. The length is wrong for the living room, but the look and length are oh-so-perfect for the bedroom.

    So, now I’m on the hunt for 4 more BLUE 54X84 panels for our bedroom/sitting room. (We have a lot of windows!) The shorter blue ones aren’t in stock anywhere near me and they don’t sell them online! The inhumanity of it all.

    If anyone is willing to buy and ship them to me in N.C., I’ll be your best friend. And I’ll pay you, of course!


    • Sorry I haven’t yet responded, but I have been on the lookout for more blue curtains! It seems our two local Targets are out of stock as well – I will keep the search alive, and hope the blogosphere will, too! They are such a lovely accent for any type of room!

      Happy hunting! – Megh

  4. You are too sweet, Megh! I’m happy to report that after a hunt that spanned from Raleigh, N.C. to Hickory, N.C., I found all the curtain panels I needed! (Actually, I have to give my husband credit. He hit two stores for me and struck gold. Thank goodness he had to work out of town one day and that he had some travel planned, too. I made sure he hit Target stores in both places! And this weekend, I’m going to “ask” him to help me hang the curtains.

    Once they’re hung, I’ll be posting some photos on my blog, Atta Girl Says.

    I can vouch for what Megh says. These curtains look even better in person than they do on the screen. Gorg! But after my buying spree, these may be completely sold out in North Carolina.

  5. I have the rust curtains in my great room. I wanted the plum for the sitting room. i could kick myself for not getting them when I saw them because now I cant find them.

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