Keepsake Clean Up

When we moved into our new house, I dreaded the extensive time it would take to unpack the hundreds upon thousands of little knickknacks we’ve acquired over the years. Thus I worked out a system disaster to make the move go faster: everything that I could immediately find a place for came out of its neat little box and onto its shelf or table or what have you. Everything without a place stayed in its little box, which I stashed away in our convenient back shed that now holds about 50% of all our belongings because about half way through this process mess, I cut my losses and bailed. Needless to say, I am a very poor homemaker.

With some extra spare time on my hands this afternoon, I ventured into the shed Great Unknown for some old books I think I thought I once had long, long ago. After a few steps in I became increasingly overwhelmed, but before once again bailing on the boxes, I spotted a stuffed ziplock baggy beckoning “heeeeeelp me” from beneath the clutter. Rescuing the bag and leaving the shed as fast as humanly possible, I realized I had locked away a precious keepsake my mom had handed down to me: my grandma’s embroidered hand towels.

I’m sure Nana rolled over in her grave when she saw what I had done to her beautiful handiwork! The cotton is just as soft and the stitches just as snug as the day she sat down to needlepoint away…

So now, naturally, I need to figure out their place. Where do they go? What should I do with them?! Display them in my kitchen? Frame them? Make them into a quilt? I feel like I should do a little something special seeing as I wasn’t appropriately keeping my keepsakes.

Suggestions are more than welcome – I need me a craft (or maybe just a lesson in housekeeping)!

One thought on “Keepsake Clean Up

  1. I so have the same things from my Grandma sitting in a box somewhere. I’ve thought about digging them out and framing them. What ever you decide to do, please share!

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