Rainy Day Prepster

Sitting in class the other day, waiting for my students to finish their in-class writing assignments, I notice some extremely bright Hunter rain boots swaying to and fro ever so slightly in the front row. I’m immediately jealous that I didn’t think to wear my own purple Hunters on such a stormy day, but then I become insanely envious when I notice how fantastically put together my student in the front row looks! As much as I really wanted to ask where she found every single piece of her outfit, I couldn’t really gush mid-lecture (lest I would like to be known as the creepy professor on campus…never good). So I took quick mental note of her super sunny get-up, and I think it went a little something like this…

1. Equipment Silk Chiffon Shirt $208 $83, The OutNet // 2.  Ribbon Stud Earrings $26, BaubleBar // 3. Floral Trimmed Scarf $8.90, Forever 21 // 4.  Paige Verdugo Ultra Skinny $158, Paige Premium Denim // 5. Hunter Tall Rain boot $125, Nordstrom // 6.  Call It Spring® Spagnolo Backpack $40, JCPenny // 7.  Carnation bracelet $68, J.Crew

Rainy day blues? Only if they’re accented with brilliant yellows! Nice to see the college crowd is still lookin’ so sharp these days…

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