A BRAND OF WORTH: Charlotte Taylor

A print a day keeps the mundane outfit options away. This must be one of British designer Charlotte Taylor‘s mantras as she pieces together each quirky collection with fine tailoring, high volume color, and punchy prints. A lover of strong simplicity first, an esteemed student of fashion and design institutes second, Charlotte Taylor launched her label at London Fashion Week in 2010 with an electric eccentricity that garnered high praise and guaranteed an exclusive availability at Coggles (an English e-commerce mecca with quite a following). This exclusivity, however, is probably why you’ve never seen her picture perfect prints in retails store or sites on this side of the pond – until very recently when Anthropologie (thankfully) intervened and welcomed the sculpted styles to the states. And while Charlotte Taylor pieces are still seemingly hard to come by (their only available in select Anthros and frequently sold out), you can find her new and notable creations on Polyvore or follow the seamstress herself on her blog to see where she plans on selling next! Fingers crossed it’s a hundred more places nearby where I can scoop up all these yummy looks…

I’m currently doing everything in my power to secure that yellow and blue penguin scarf – it would go with anything, anywhere, at any time! Pieces so transcendent are few and far between.

The other thing that solidifies Charlotte Taylor as a Brand of Worth?! Her patterns are not limited to sweet skirts and structured silhouettes because she also incorporates her designs into a line of wallpaper!! Oh, you heard me correctly: WALLPAPER! And from the looks of it, Anthropologie covets the only available products online – and they’re currently on sale!

Fire Ant & In Clouds Wallpaper $99.95, Anthropologie

So keep an eye out for all of Charlotte Taylor‘s current (and future!) treasures. She has truly created a dazzling brand of worth.

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