Style of the Irish

Two very important announcements MUST be made:

1) Saturday is St. Patty’s Day! If you’re Irish (like this cheery lass), then you know you’re in for a long day of rowdy parades, green beer, and festive jigs among friends and strangers alike. If you’re not Irish, well, you know you can at least pretend to be by getting up in your best greens and carrying on like the rest of sweet Erin this weekend! Which brings me to my second announcement…

2) After much deliberation and cautious feelings, I finally gave into the Maxi skirt trend after finding the prettiest (and cheapest – should I get over this fad over night…) chiffon number in Forever 21 yesterday! A long maxi skirt is very scary thing for someone just over the five foot mark, and lest I look like the leader of munchkin land, I knew I’d have go with something loose and pastel to avoid too much notice. The luck of the Irish was obviously by my side when I found this $12.50 – twelve dollars, like WTF – sassy maxi. So happy it happened to be minty green, as well – looking forward to showing off my non-munchkin (fingers crossed) apparel at tomorrow’s shindig in Dallas

Chiffon Maxi Skirt $12.50, Forever 21

And no ensemble is ever complete without a little accessorizing…

Geo Beaded Bracelet $5.80, Beaded Trim Bracelets 6.80, Color Pop Necklace $6.80, ALL Forever 21!

If these fabulous finds don’t tickle your fancy, maybe these green grabs will get you ready for any festivities you have planned this weekend! Remember, you don’t wanna be the victim of a thousand (drunken) pinches tomorrow – prep yourself now to avoid such a fate!

1.  Belted Pocket Jersey Dress $29.94, Old Navy // 2.  Shamrock Frame Sunglasses $4.99, Urban Outfitters // 3. Ballet Flats $12.95, H&M // 4.  Toothpick Jean $125, J.Crew // 5.  Milly Mini Sophia Shoulder Bag $275, Nordstrom // 6.  Turquoise & Caicos $8, Essie // 7. Sicula Scale Scarf $48, Anthropologie

Happy St. Patrick’s Day!

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