Mug Shots

Like clockwork, my mornings consist of oversleeping, slight panic, a hurried shower and dressing, followed by a single cup of coffee (thanks to Mr. Keurig!) in my favorite monogrammed mug from Anthropologie. But when my favorite mug weakened over time and crumbled in my very hands as I enjoyed my ritualistic cup of coffee, I lingered in the panic stage of my morning routine, knowing that it had once taken quite some time to find the perfect mug.

Criteria for such a perfect mug? Wide-mouthed, handled, unique, and most importantly, happy. There’s something spectacular about a cup that makes you smile, especially when its 7AM and you’re in no mood for a long day of work. So the search began for a merry mug, and to my surprise, there were plenty of candidates to take my crumbled cup’s place in my heart…

1. English Rose Crush Mug $8, Cath Kidston // 2. Ikat Mug $8, StyleSays // 3. Modernist Mug $4.99, West Elm // 4. Keep Calm & Carry On Mug $10.95, Paper Source // 5. Unikko Mug $22, Marimekko // 6. Wood Grain Mug $24, Shop Terrain // 7. Mug Barocco $24, Zara Home // 8. Pantone 4 Mug Set $54.95, Architect Gifts Plus // 9. Monogram Mug $25, Irresistibly Chic Shop on Etsy // 10. Citrus ZigZag Mug $5.95, Crate & Barrel // 11. Eams Mug Set $95, Curiosity Shoppe // 12. Carnaby Mug $18, Jonathan Adler // 13. Library Books $20, Kate Spade // 14. Polka Dot Mug $35.99, Joanne Hudson

I don’t mean to play favorites (ok, yes, I totally do), but I’m definitely placing an order for four Cath Kidston mugs as soon as possible (backups are a must this time around!). Every early morning deserves such a rosy cup of joe!

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