Organic Office

While we’re on the topic of spring fever, I might as well admit that my Pinterest boards have now become odes to the new season because they are quickly filling up with everything sunny, fresh, and green. I’ve been slobering all over these green rooms – offices, particularly, since that’s what we’re currently redecorating – mostly because they bring an element of freshness I never knew could exist in a stuffy ol’ office space…

Left: VT Interiors // Right Top: House & Home // Right Bottom: Modern Residential Design  

So that, of course, got me thinking – how can I revitalize a snug space specifically designated for stress headaches and long work nights?! Rather quickly I found a beautiful abundance of products to help get the (moss) ball rolling…!

1. Gelaskins Loose Leaf iPad Cover 29.95, Amazon // 2. Lime Organza Ribbon $10.95, Inky Co. // 3. Walnut Journal $15, Night Owl Paper Goods // 4. Fresh Fruit Notepads $7.95, Inky Co. // 5. Leaf-It Bookmark Post-It $28, Design Boom // 6. Linear Stems Pencil Case $35, Orla Kiely // 7. Twig Pencil Set $14, Shop Terrain // 8. Blooming Hydrangea $68, Shop Terrain // 9. Leaf Tie Cord Organizers $11.50, Jet Pens // 10. Olive Green Leaf Pillow $24.95, Pillow Decor

Aren’t those leaf ties for your wandering computer and phone cords the bee’s knees?! And the leaf-it post-its?!? These two additions will surely make any office a green, mean, productive machine!

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