Working Girl

So as you may have already guessed, I’ve been buried under that big pile of books I keep referencing now and then, but this time the school gods have added to that mountain of work about 120 term papers that need grading ASAP. Needless to say, I am powerless – and in need of mega office supply reload, which is why I hit up Anthropologie yesterday for their beautiful displays of paper goods (ok fine, and I really wanted a mint polka-dot skirt in the window, so sue me!). Upon browsing, I could not take my eyes upon the sweeeeeetest page flags with the sweeeeetest little vegetables on them and just had to buy them. Like I do all things paper, I immediately looked up the maker, and lo and behold I found the web gem that is Girl of All Work. Specializing in office accessories and environmental savvy products (yay nature!), Girl of All Work is the epitome of a smart art company with an eye for color and an agenda for the working girl with a million things to do (just like yours truly!).

Farmers Market Page Flags $4.95, Girl of All Work

These three products I’ll also be ordering before the day is over – seriously, I’m obsessed with any stickum note that looks like a pretty, pretty flower!

Three Chapter Notebooks $26.50 // Petal Stick Notes $4.99 // Garden Bouquet Page Pals $4.99 // All Girl of All Work  

Ok, now I’m ready to work it…

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