Addicted: Mint and Pink

I’m not the kind of teacher who sticks to a uniform of basic blacks and common khakis (as if you couldn’t have already guessed that). My work attire is always comfortable, casual, and colorful. I’m sure there’s a hefty helping of composition handbooks that stress to “dress like the authority,” but who says the authority needs to look like a stick in the mud?! So yesterday, it being April 1st and Easter hues being so wonderfully on my mind, I snatched up this bright mint blouse (on sale!) at Francesca’s Collections with a funky layering of pink ‘n textured jewels. Little did I know, I was dealing with such an ultimately striking color palette!

Mint Ethereal Blouse $22.50, Pink Triangle Necklace $24, Francesca's Collections

Beyond excited that I had tapped into a color combo so cool to the core, I wore the get-up to class this morning with a pair of navy slacks. The response?

“Mrs. Johnson, you remind me of an Easter egg!”

Intended as a compliment rather than a statement of awesome truth, I was probably the happiest teacher in the entire school today, just knowing I boasted the fun hues of spring and sweet holiday. Needless to say, the search for more mint and more pink was on, and I am more than excited with the loveliness that I quickly uncovered…

1. Milkshake Things Up Dress $89.99, ModCloth // 2. Vintage Mint Ray Bans $109, Saks Fifth Avenue // 3. Pink Quilted iPad Case $32, Pree Brulee // 4. London Pippa Grab Bag $395, Modalu // 5. Soludos for J.Crew Dali Espadrilles $34.50, J.Crew // 6.  Lola Rose Rose Quartz Dita Ring $105.64, ASOS // 7.  Scotch Naturals Water Colors Nail Polish $14.99, Scotch Naturals // 8.  YSL Rouge Volupte Perle Lipstick No. 116 Milky Pink $34, Nordstrom // 9.  Cottage Rose Stick Umbrella $69, // 10. RAIN Mint Stretch Stones Bracelet, $72, Endless

And if I may interject, those mint Ray Bans are the first thing on my purchase list. Followed by a romantically tailored (and cheap!) blazer from Forever 21

Mint Blazer $29.80, Forever 21 // Blythe Blouse in Neon Rose $98, J.Crew

Mint + Pink = Truly egg-straordinary!  🙂

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