Easter Card Round Up

It should come as no surprise that I glutinously indulged in a lot of Easter card action today, seeing as (a) Easter is this Sunday and (b) I have a sick obsession with paper. My first grab off the shelf? A very furry and festive card that might easily be mistaken for the real Easter bunny…

|| Bunny Fur Card $5.56, Papyrus ||

Like clockwork, of course, from this point forward I went from scanning the shelves and websites to snatching up everything I could find with pastel sweetness or an oversized bunny face. Here’s just a sampling of my favorites that absolutely tickled my fancy…

|| Chocolate Bunny Letterpress Card $4.50, Paper Source ||

|| Big Bunny Card $4, Dear Hancock ||

|| Egg Painting Card $3.75, Quill & Fox on Etsy || Botanical Journals $15, Rifle Paper Co. ||

|| Bunny Garland Kit $12.50, Paper Source ||

Okay, this last one isn’t technically an Easter greeting card, but it sure is some pretty stellar bunny garland worth adding to the bunch!

Happy {early} Easter!

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