Bike Rally

Speaking of Paper Source, have you seen their radiant collection of bicycle prints and wares?! I swear, every time I place an order online, they add more and more stuff that makes me squeal! And what says spring more than an afternoon bike ride? Okay, maybe we all don’t have time to take off and spin out, but we can daydream with the likes of these pretty Paper Source products…

1. Bike Clips $4.95 // 2. Bike Mitt & Hot Pad Set $14.95 // 3. Bicycle with Basket Stationary 1o Folded Cards $12.50 // 4. Gift Bags $3.90-8.50 // 5. Blue Rubber Bike Stamp $8.95 // 6. Retro Bike Glasses $16.95 // All Paper Source

Seriously makes me wanna tool around town on my own bike, flower basket in tow and the sun on my face! Another beautiful sign of spring…

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