Spring Round Top Recap

Well, it’s that beloved time of the year again when we light out for the territory and spend the weekend antiquing in Round Top, Texas. It remains one my guiltiest of pleasures – a full 48 hours of field walking, smart picking, and knickknack buying with Mama, husband, and tens of thousands of savvy shoppers just itchin’ for a deal. You might recall that we make the pilgrimage twice a year (check out October’s buys here or here to see what we brought home last April), and we just keep going back because the experience is one-of-a-kind and the displays are out of the this world! Here’s just a few snapshots of my favorite inspirations from the weekend…

That ruler mirror? I smell a definite DIY project in my future (thanks to Mama who’s been collecting vintage rules for years). And those burlap sacks? Framed, sewed, shaped, stuffed – there was nothing the vendors of Round Top couldn’t do with even the smallest square of burlap goodness. It was actually quite incredible.

So what did we walk away with at the end of the weekend? Well, unfortunately our car couldn’t carry everything our hearts wanted it to, but we did make out with two prized possessions that I just can’t wait to incorporate (somewhere, anywhere) into our home.

A hand-painted canvas map of Germany was literally lost in time until my husband curiously unrolled it in an old barn and offered the nice man $30 – sold! And so perfect for the office! And that long and yellow wooden planter? I snagged it for $100 with close to 100 ideas for what to do with it. Expect a sunny DIY coming soon…

Other Round Top vendors to check out:

  • Trilogy Antiques & Design specializes in industrial and modern decor
  • CR Collectibles is actually where we unearthed the yellow planter! Impressive offerings include all things shabby chic, porcelain and glassware, as well as finely refurbished furniture
  • Eneby Antik is a European antiques wholesaler with a seemingly unattainable (ahem, expensive) but gorgeous supply of Scandinavian objects and furniture – a flip through their gallery will excite and inspire you to look for new odds and ends…

2 thoughts on “Spring Round Top Recap

    • The tators were SO tasty that I found it quite inappropriate NOT to include them in my post! Haha – I absolutely recommend checking out their fall show! Always lots of goodies to go around 🙂


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