NEW: Fresh Press Fridays

Via Mercier Beaucoup

I’ve decided that it’s pretty much time to stop denying my sick obsession with letterpress, prints, typography, invitations, and the like, and dedicate a special day of the week to all things paper. I spend about 75% of my time online just perusing new stationary shops and beautifully designed web pages that show off such immaculately original print work that I think it’s about high time I stopped being so greedy with my finds and shared my top three paper movers and shakers each week. And what better day to do so then on the BEST day of them all – Friday!?! So if you don’t mind me ranting and raving about worthy printables that I hope you too enjoy, bookmark, and utilize for your own paper needs, I’d like to get this party started right away with a handsome top three that has been all over my radar this week…

3. Dear Hancock

Who & Where & WhenDear Hancock is based in the Los Angeles area, created by a husband and wife team that really seems to get what makes simplicity so special. Their two years into their craft, but by the looks of things, you might think they’ve been designing together all life long.

What & How: Their chic collection of custom invitations, greeting cards, and prints are all printed on heavy weight FSC approved natural paper stock; also check out their wrapping paper because its just fun. More of their work (and favorites) can be seen on their blog, too!

Why So Worthy: Because their mission is to produce “contemporary hand painted correspondence” with the love for a challenge – that desk above? You can customize it to look like your own! Just send them a shout at hello(at) – such a lovely gift for your favorite bookworm!

2. Printerette Press

Via Printerette Press

Who & Where & When: Printerette Press is lovely boutique and letterpress studio located in the Highland Park neighborhood of St. Paul Minnesota, established in 2009 by a super craftswoman with an eye for elegant design.

What & How: A 100-year-old, 1000-pound vintage Chandler & Price platen press is credited as the backbone of this awesome operation, and their crisp letterpress cards and custom invitations prove that those bad boys only get better with age! While custom orders are available through contact and in house appointment (their portfolio speaks volumes), you can also quickly attain these goodies through Etsy and Mercier Beaucoup (the brainchild behind my very favorite paper suppliers who offer a monthly subscription of Pinterette, too!).

Why So Worthy: Because this letterpress rocks! – I am head over heals for strong textured paper with a playful color scheme and that’s exactly what you’ll get every time here!

1. Parrott Design Studio

all via Parrott Design Studio

Who & Where & When: Established in 2007, Parrott Design Studio is another one of those boutique design and letterpress studios that just makes my heart race, but this one particularly is the reason I came up with a weekly tribute to paper goodness. Basically, this Providence, Rhode Island landmark is inspiring – oh, how I wish I could make the trip east just to shake this creative lady’s hand!

What & How: Home to two antique Golding Jobber presses from 1898 and 1901, Parrott Design recognizes letterpress design as a truly artistic practice that offers one-of-a-kind correspondences. Custom invitations, ready-made greetings, and careful packaging tools are offered both through the studio’s website and Etsy shop. Check out designer Sarah’s blog, too, to see what inspires her beautiful mind!

Why So Worthy: Because I almost made nine collages full of Parrott Design products – there were way too many pieces that deserved the spotlight, but I finally resisted the urge and compromised with a double feature (as to not overkill Fresh Press day one!). These selections show off such an attention to detail AND remind us how important the art of packaging really is when done just right. Typography, calligraphy, stamping – oh, be still my beating heart!

Papered out or prepared for what’s in store?! (We all know my answer!) Stay tuned every friday for more super fresh press selections!

6 thoughts on “NEW: Fresh Press Fridays

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  2. Why thank you so much for this great post! Those are three of my favorites as well – obviously! I am buying up all kinds of new inventory right now so stay tuned for some new faves!

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