Gingham Geek

ging·ham  /ˈgɪŋəm/  (n.):

1. A kind of cotton or linen cloth, woven of dyed yarn, often in stripes, checks, and other patterns. 2. Attributed as gingham-frock, gingham-mill, gingham-umbrella. Use: [1763] British Magazine: Ladies of taste are prodigiously fond of the Ginghams manufactured there in Manchester.

Prodigiously fond indeed…

Via Pink Wallpaper // Gingham Manilla Folders // Checkered Tea Spoons

I was absolutely geeking out after finding so much gingham gear around the net this morning! Half hometown hoedown, half summer sass and femininity, these glorious variations will prepare any gal for a spur-of-the-moment picnic luncheon in a nearby neighborhood park. There’s even a pretty sweet gingham pig out there to help you serve up all your favorite fruits and cheeses to all your favorite people…

1.  Marc Jacobs Gingham Sleeveless Top $595, Barneys // 2.  Tory Burch Gingham Stud Earrings $115, Nordstrom // 3.  Gingham BBQ Pig Platter $24.99, Target // 4.  The Hill-Side Selvedge Gingham Scarf $97, Madewell // 5. Perfect Shirt in Mini Gingham $75, J.Crew // 6.  Miu Miu Gingham Crystal Clip Earrings $230, Net-A-Porter // 7.  XOXO Strawberry Fields Handbag $58.99, Macy’s // 8. Lucy Bow Ballet Flats $39.99, ASOS 

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