new feature: the weekly worthwhile

After (somewhat) piecing my daily routine back together, I settled in for a nice long date night with my trusty MacBook and the great and powerful Google bar. Many, many hours of ogling at blogs and blouses and DIY projects passed before I managed to untangle myself from the web with a momentous amount of sites bookmarked and browsers still minimized in my dashboard. Then it dawned on me how selfish it would be to keep such pretty, entertaining things at bay (not to mention, how much more appropriate it would be to gather up a list of favorite finds as opposed to subtly ohing and ahing towards my husband as he vehemently watches the Laker-OKC game), and thus a new feature was born. Welcome to the weekly worthwhile, a recurrent space for wants-and-needs on the web that you too might link up with, get to know, and enjoy at your own pace. Now, without further ado…

// castle artwork // trophy // muffins @ the simple lens // said the whale // gator staple remover // arrangement @ the midwest aesthetic // pleats + sequins //

Other worthwhile links I’m fawning over:

→ If you enjoy literature and sparky book talk, check out The New Yorker’s new and improved Page-Turner

→ Speaking of books, I cannot wait to start Toni Morrison’s new novel, Home

→ The online mag, 3 BY FRYD, is so beautiful I couldn’t stop flipping back and forth through the virtual pages – really talented work there!

→ Take a stunning look at trash turned treasure in the Design Observer’s “From Waste to Architecture

→ If your hungry for both treats and sharp design, just scroll through spoon fork bacon…beware of super tummy rumbles…

→ Meet my new foreign friend, Hello, I’m Tiger

A Beautiful Mess shows us how to create beautiful messes 🙂

Happy webbing!

2 thoughts on “new feature: the weekly worthwhile

  1. Love this! I’ve been craving a pretty (wild) little flower arrangement, too! Have you seen the $4 bunches of flowers at Central Market on Hulen? I love going there for some pretty and inexpensive flowers 🙂

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