Weekend Getaway Prep

So, as usual, I’m attempting to pack 72 hours in advance for our weekend trip, which never, ever works out the way it should because I either (a) bring enough clothes for a month long sabbatical or (b) I get distracted and just end up throwing everything in the laundry in my suitcase and calling the organized packing regime quits. When the latter occurs, I typically end up at my destination hilariously unprepared, with about seventy-three t-shirts in tow, maybe one pair of shorts, and a sundress that I didn’t even know I owned. And as much as I try to be as logical and choreographed in my suitcase adventures as this….

via a pair and a spare

I end up with something a little more like this…

1.  Dotted Straw Hat $10.80, Forever 21 // 2.  3.1 Phillip Lim T-Shirt $295 // 3.  Square Sunglasses $5.80, Forever 21 // 4.  Michael Kors Madison Watch $225 // 5. J.Crew Chino Shorts $34.50 // 6. Bicycle Tote $19.99, Paisley Magic on Etsy // 7.  Randy Leopard Sandals $175, Madewell // 8. Leather Pebble Gray iPad Case $95, Etsy // 9.  Stardust Camera Strap $120, Bloom Theory 

Okay {deep breath}, here goes nothing…

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