Short Stack

I once crowned myself The Short Queen, not because I stand a single inch above five feet, but because I own a ridiculous assortment of denim, dyed, patterned, floral, elastic, buttoned (you-name-it-I-got-it) shorts. The amount of styles and colors I’ve accumulated over the years is downright astounding, and that number is always growing – especially now as the thermometer is making similar strides upward! Alas, ever since I started ditching the long sleeves for non-existent ones, I’ve been bookmarking a short (okay, long) stack of short styles I am dying to get my hands on, and as always, I’m interested in sharing the worthiest of them all…

denim // applique // white // crochet // patterned // floral // neon

Always sitting on my throne…preferably in some cut-off neons – but which are your favorite! What other styles should I add to my ever-expanding short stack?! I can never pass up a new pair…

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