piece + place

piece + place

Most days, I have a serious hankering for nostalgia. I love when things remind me of other things that once looked like somewhere that reminds me of someone, etc, etc. And I love a good ‘double-take’ – like a haunting double-take  that makes me stop and stare and say with my finger to my lips, “where, oh, where have I see this before?!” One of my all-time favorite blogs, Oh Joy!, must have created my all-time favorite segments, “this & that,” (yes, I am hyping up her work like WHOA!) with the double-take in mind – which is yet another reason why I present to you, piece + place, an additional tribute to all lovely pieces that make you (once again) go, “where, oh, where have I see this before?!” My brain was rapid-firing last night when I stumbled across the color-blocked Calypso tote because I knew I just recently doted on an image that showcased a similar gray and blue love palette. And where do we go when we need an image to dote on?! – Pinterest! It took me all of three seconds to locate a recent pin from August Empress, and vuala!, the piece had met its place.

Order was restored, and the two takes became one. Such a beautiful beginning…

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