3 Dallas Digs

It was quite an adventurous weekend for this pair of DFW residents who entered Friday with not a thing written on their iPad calendars – a rarity these days with all the work and play we’ve recently dedicated ourselves to. So when an invitation to just hang in Dallas for the weekend was delivered by my best, dearest friend in the world, my husband and I looked at one another and shrugged, “why not?” The hike from Fort Worth to Dallas isn’t really a hike at all (although it sometimes feels like the thirty minute commute stretches into hour territory), but each time we find ourselves re-transplanted into D-town, we treat it like the glorious getaway it feels it should be. And I’m no country bumpkin, but there is something savory about the sights and sounds of Dallas that make me want to trade in these suburban digs for some rowdy, proud, and loud city living. Especially when everything is designed to the nines – like the wall-and-chair masterpiece above, found in the W Dallas bar lounge. What I wouldn’t do for those chairs?!

Our next stop was undoubtedly Chicken Scratch + The Foundry, a new picnic-style bar and chicken grill with a logo to die for (seen above) and a location in the rapidly-becoming-fabulous Oak Cliff area that absolutely fit the hometown feel it strives to produce. Half beer garden, half twinkly lit backyard, my heart melted for the atmosphere as quickly as the natural fruit popsicle I snagged from the counter before dinner (dessert first!). My husband and I laughed about finding probably the closest thing to Fort Worth food and dining while in Dallas (as if we were hundreds of miles away and missing home), but these digs could fill anyone’s need for sun, fun, and cold beer.

After a rowdy night (one in which additional pictures make us all blush…), my best friend’s fiance suggested we eat off some of that hangover with a little brunch. Luckily, this dude has a taste for awesome because Odd Fellows, again in Oak Cliff, was the perfect finale to a weekend full of fancy sights and tasty eatin’. If you’re a typography junkie like I am, then this place will make you squeal and squeal and then squeal some more. But if you’re in it solely for the food, that’s okay too because the buffalo mac and cheese will make you jump for joy – then ask for a second bowl.

Dallas, you almost kept me in your grasp this time…stop being so damn beautiful!

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