Now Serving Neon

I’m going through a serious neon phase – as you’ll probably be able to tell from my next series of posts – but I really can’t help myself. The day-glo shades are everywhere! Poppin’ necklaces, bright blouses, lime-colored satchel bags – every summer wardrobe needs a little color and every vendor in the world is ready to sell it. And yet, I forgot how fabulously catching neon hues are when outside the wardrobe, in every day life. Wind & Willow, however, never forgets, rather making it their sole mission to bring brightness to even the most mundane home fixtures. Serving bowls, cups, spoons – their Etsy shop will blow the roof off your kitchen once these accessories hit the shelves…

Top to Bottom: Set of 2 Salad Bowls $64 // Wooden Spoon Set of 4 $24 // Mini Painted Treasure Bowl $8 // Mini Bowl Set of 5 $39 

Let the neon love begin!

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