Summer Shimmer

This past weekend, for some reason or another, I was seriously craving some sequins, but my rigid-ruling fashion conscience kept reminding me that sequins and glitter were reserved for holiday attire, only to be worn with a satin blazer and black tights. Despite this (mis)conception, the first thing I spotted when I walked into Beehive, a devastatingly chic new local boutique in Fort Worth, was a glimmer of hope that a little shimmer during summer was not a bad idea after all. One sparkly gold top purchase later, I found it partnered just fine with a pair of cool Zara shorts and an old beaded necklace – nothing out of place about this combo!

So where else could I add a little more shimmer during these hot and steamy months?! Well, everywhere, of course! Cataloguing the golden opportunities was more than a treat – it’s amazing where we can add a little sparkle when we find the right accessories…

mustache glass // pinata // clutch // ring // sperry top-sider // skirt // luggage tag

wishbone // feather earrings // eyedust // clothespin // glitter // the great gatsby // tank top

cupcake // gold top cider // twig ring // iphone case // eau de toilette // bobbi brown bronzer

4 thoughts on “Summer Shimmer

  1. I’m excited to go check out Beehive. It’s just down the street from me but some how I’ve missed it. Love your new shirt!
    p.s. like your new site design.

    • A friend told me about it some weeks ago, and I FINALLY had the opportunity to stop in! That top was only $40! – which means great prices for pretty products! Go check it out!! 🙂

      PS – I live down the street from it, too! We’re over on Calmont! *neighbor high-five!*

  2. Love your blog! What brand is the gold sequin top? I’ve been searching for something similar online, and haven’t had any luck :(. Thank you!!!

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