weekly (five) worthwhile

You know how there are just some things you are constantly gravitating towards? Maybe it’s a color…maybe it’s a certain cut of dress….a website, a brand, a sweet treat. Well, I noticed yesterday evening that there are, in fact, five things I keep gawking at/bookmarking/buying, and I figured since I share just about every obsession with you all, I might as well add a handful of new needs to the pretty mixing pot! But beware, my fever for these favorites is highly contagious…

clover necklace // j.crew sandals // tory burch cuff // iphone case // topshop sunglasses // links // bow

// These aren’t your children’s pop-up books – these are illustrated and produced for adults, and they are ridiculously fun to look at! Pop-Up NYC by Daisy Lew is probably my most favorite out there now. Check out all her work, and then maybe purchase a copy for your coffee table – who wouldn’t be entertained by some pop-ups?! //

// Like most of the world, I’ve more recently had this album playing nonstop in my house. I just can’t get enough of her sultry jams – especially on “No Light, No Light.” Trust me and download it now! // 

// This darling statement necklace was a steal at only $9.99 from Sam Moon! If you’re not lucky enough to live by one of these accessory meccas, visit their site for some more super deals! //

// Enough said here! I’ve already bragged about my lovely peach tree, but the peonies were another steal from the newly opened Fort Worth Trader Joe’s. Snagged a bunch for only $6.99 – a much better deal than the $5 a stem action I was getting used to dishing out! //

4 thoughts on “weekly (five) worthwhile

    • I went AGAIN yesterday at about 10AM and there were PLENTY of parking spaces and not a lot of chaos. I think the best bet is to go in the morning if you can – plus, I’ve noticed there is SO much more selection and stock then (before the masses eat it all up). So for the time being, before noon might be the best time to snatch up the prettiest of peonies!

  1. 1. I’m dying at your tortoise finds. Love!! I’ve been eying a pair of j.crew tortoise flats but just haven’t pulled the trigger yet…
    2. I second Florence + the Machine and your song pick. Can’t get enough.
    3. I need to make a visit to Sam Moon!
    4. Ahh, peonies! And TJ’s!! I haven’t been yet because I drove by opening day and saw the crowds and cops. Hoping to go soon.

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