fresh press friday: ladyfingers letterpress

Ah, my favorite day of the week! A perfect day to skip out of work early, hit up a happy hour, and say sayonara to sweatin’ the small stuff – sounds so sweet, right?! Well, you’ve got roughly six hours before it’s (almost) acceptable to hit the weekend door running, so while you’re waiting, why not indulge in today’s fresh press friday?! – because I’ve got quite the letterpresser lined up for you! Take a peak into Ladyfingers Letterpress and their fabulous collection of one-of-a-kind, mostly hand-drawn and exquisite letterpress wedding invitations, announcements, and other precious day-of materials that will make your heart melt. An illustrative force to be reckoned with based out of tiny Rhode Island, the space between matters not to this design duo, who pride themselves in helping anyone, cross-country craft and customize their big-day supplies. Scroll through their work below (or here), and swoon your way into the weekend…

P.S…that pink and gold above might have just become my go-to color palette for the summer…it’s just so stunning! :::long sigh:::

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