closet shopping

Welcome back from the weekend – did you enjoy yours as much as we did?! It was hot one here, not to mention a weekend filled with back-to-back (un)expected activities that drained our bank account in the midst of our efforts to save for (yet another) big trip coming up. All this saving and spending, thus, lead me far away from the Neiman Marcus sale floor and straight into my closet where my husband claims I own “about a million, trillion things.” His hyperbolic attitude only told me one thing: time to go closet shopping!

J.Crew blouse // Forever 21 floral skirt // yellow necklace like this one // clutch like this one // J.Crew flats similar to these

Fortunately, I had quite a number of tools to whip out in case of this emergency! And I must say, mixing patterns always scares the hell out of me – but for some reason, this get-up just worked (thank you sweet baby jesus!). So magically and inexpensively, I was ready (on time) for the luncheon/country club meeting/work function/dinner/birthday party suddenly slated for the weekend.

But I’m not gonna lie…closet shopping can only hold this antsy heart for so long. First thing on my splurge list…

…a glittery pair of J.Crew espadrilles! And they’re already on sale (a cool $98) for my feel-good buying needs…

4 thoughts on “closet shopping

  1. your first few lines are so classic! we too have a hard time saying no to fun (budget draining activities) while having another big trip coming up next week! oops!

  2. I can relate! You definitely have to get creative when you’re trying to save up for fun summer trips. Cute outfit! Mixing patterns is fun 🙂

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