DIY: blooming door decor

So my very savvy, very generous mama had the snag of a lifetime this weekend at Home Goods – a galvanized pail with a sweet shape and vintage stamping. Knowing my porch and my shelves are already filled to the brim with colored bottles, stacked books, and (of course) vintage wares, she suggested that I give the little find some love and turn it into a hanging flower pot for the front door (see, this lady is super savvy). Surprisingly, the transformation was ridiculously easy, and only about five supplies are needed if you’re in the mood for some DIY: a flat galvanized bucket (like this one here), a drill, pliers, any color ribbon, and floral foam. And since this is Texas and everything green dies before July 1st, we picked up a few fake (but lovely) hydrangeas but a real arrangement would work just beautifully, too. Either way, this pretty project will pep up any door, hook, or knob needing some fresh attention…

Now hang and enjoy! 🙂

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