color crush: yellow + blue

My best friend’s engagement marked (amongst a million other excited tasks and to-do lists) my much-anticipated return to the world of bridal magazines. I could sit with a stack of ’em for days (which is pretty much what I’ve been doing as of late), contently flipping through the pages and admiring the chiffon and jewel-encrusted wonder-worlds where matrimony dwells. But amongst the shiny things and happy smiles there is another promising feature to any bridal magazine or website: color palettes. And right now, I am absolutely smitten by the blues and yellows that summer weddings can carry – not to mention, how transferable the color combo is when interior decorating! Here are only a few of the images I’ve dug up that will ridiculously influence a few nooks and crannies in our own home – that is, if I don’t fall in love with yet another magazine spread in the months to come…

Credits Top to Bottom: Balloons & Think Happy // Straw Heart // Straws & Lanterns // Fishes & Gatsby // Loafers // Garden Chair & Store Front // Bedspread // Cake, Anemones & Witte (mine)

4 thoughts on “color crush: yellow + blue

  1. Yellow and blue is definitely my color crush as well. It’s such a great combination. I like dark blue walls with yellow accents. It just lightens everything up. Great post! If I did my wedding again, this would be a color palette to consider.

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