all’s well that’s madewell

Tomorrow is my designated splurge day (yes, I must designate certain days to stay safe from the overspending monster I tend to turn into…), which means the anticipation is killing me – especially when I wandered onto Madewell‘s website to find a ridiculous collection of new arrivals that I really must have. At the top of my list is a striped navy and black dress with a perfect summer cut, but what’s particularly eye-catching is the sassy color options available for some of their everyday pieces (see this fiery cutaway skirt in heirloom rose). It’s also nice to see a pocket of unique office accessories sitting pretty on the site under the category “cool finds” (if you’re a fan of washi paper tape, lookie here!). Cool, indeed.

Mixed Fabric Bangles $14 // Sunny Day Shades $49.50 // Striped Duet Dress $118 // O-Check for Top Hat Notebook $10 // Suede Sidewalk Skimmers $98 // Baggu Tote Bag $9 // Mara Hoffman Tikki Bikini $194 

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