fresh press friday: egg press

The imaginary paper store I run in my head is directly inspired and fueled by the beautiful work that constantly comes out of Egg Press. The company’s website long ago earned a proud spot, front and center on my Bookmarks Bar, I favorite most (if not all) of their tweets that share snapshots of behind-the-scenes letterpress magic, and I swear, if someday my husband and I find ourselves living in Portland, Oregon, I’ll stand outside their storefront with a boom-box above my head. THAT’S how much I love Egg Press! Their paper products – greeting cards, stationary, gift wrap, custom printing, to name a few things they do super well – are simplistically stunning, but the way they do business is really what should be heralded most. When I won a twitter giveaway (I wasn’t joking about the twitter stalking – follow them!) of a rather lovely print now hanging in our office, a handwritten ‘thank you’ note and a few extra letterpress cards were tucked into the overnight package. I was absolutely smitten – and hooked, as I hope you will be upon checking on their work…

But the greatest thing about Egg Press (yes, there’s more!) is their sample sales! Typically held at the Schoolhouse Electric building in Portland, they offer packs of letterpress for as low as twenty-five cents! Yes, a QUARTER! Don’t live in Portland? Have no fear – an online sale is near! Starting first thing Monday morning (7/16), the online sample sale will be on, and you really won’t wanna miss it if you’re a letterpress lover – the basket of cards at the top of this post is the last little bit of my snags from their last sale! Always great stuff from a great company. 🙂

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