run around town

I don’t know about you, but it seems that every time I leave the house for one, maybe two (alright, probably three) “quick” errands, I wind up running into hoards of people I know/haven’t seen in forever/can’t believe I’m seeing looking like a crazy housewife sans makeup or style of any sort. So with the horrific memories of such encounters fresh in mind (I’d just LOVE to hear how some would describe me after these run-ins: ‘oh yeah, I saw Megh – she looked…different?’ – different being codeword for a friggin’ mess…), I’m going to be well prepared for the rest of this week/weekend’s chance encounters with an outfit that goes  little something like this…

tibi pink camisole // striped skirt // jack rogers navajo flats // elva fields necklace // forever 21 hair clips (only $1!) // ASOS cross body bag // urban outfitters colorblock sunglasses

Now those gossip sessions might sing a much brighter tune: ‘I saw Megh yesterday – she looked fabulous!” Ah, you’re too kind….

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