fresh press friday: cheer up cherup

Although I’m running low on time and energy this morning, my brevity should in no way represent a lack of enthusiasm for today’s Fresh Press Friday pick! ((I’m actually waaaay in love with these products, which means it won’t be the last you hear about them…))Or perhaps I should be inspired to chill out and cheer up by this company’s spunky namesake: Cheer Up Cherup. The name, of course, spawns from its oh-so talented creator, Alaina Cherup, who opened her Etsy shop back in 2008 with the “indie and off-beat” bride and groom in mind. Whether or not you fall into that category will hardly affect the way these custom invites make your heart bounce. With the help of her hubby, her use of color and detailed topography is seriously some of the best I’ve seen, and I am beyond excited that she’s invested her time and efforts into more than just wedding invitations, as of late – other stationary tidbits are now available for everyone with a soft-spot for stylish paper.

The best news: Cheer Up Cherup products can be found in multiple locations! Find these and more designs on Minted, her Etsy shop, and her own beautiful website. ((While you’re at it, browse through the Cheer Up Cherup blog, too – lots of great images and inspirations!)) Although based out of Ohio, her work is very much attainable; completely custom invitation suites begin at $150 for the design work, according to her site, but she welcomes order requests and compliments on her pretty work at hello[at]

And to find more Fresh Press Fridays from *pretty worthy*, click here! Oh, and have a happy friday!

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