live wonder fully

Despite my mildly embarrassing, turtle-like crawl through this day, I’m somewhat happy with the fact my Monday sluggishness has allowed me the time to stop and smell the roses – to live as WONDERfully as possible, to WONDER fully at this ridiculously beautiful world we get to be apart of today. Moments of such reflection and gratitude for the little things are easily lost in the hustle, but now, at the beginning of another productive week, join me in remembering how wonderful life really is…

  • During the wee hours of the night, Mars rover, appropriately named Curiosity, found its new home on the red planet, and you can track the entire Martian adventure on NASA’s website (and even follow Curiosity on Twitter @MarsCuriosity).
  • Need some jams to wonder with? Imagine Dragon’s “Radioactive” is on repeat here in my office – as is that Olympics montage theme song you might recognize as “Home” by Phillip Phillips.
  • Speaking of Olympics – GO USA! And Go Gabby Douglas, who won gold last week for her stellar gymnastics (and champion personality) – check out an AMAZING photo taken during her balance beam routine that one very talented photographer worked hard to capture!
  • Love this blog that boasts a collection of reading-riders aboard NYC subways.
  • If you enjoy tasty photos of food as much as making food, Spoon Fork Bacon is your new friend.

Wonder on, friends…

{image by prettyworthy}

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