a romantic mishmash + 200th post!

A romantic mishmash is on deck today for the 200th – yes, 200th post from prettyworthy! Perhaps this milestone explains why I’m feeling so nostalgic for the vintage inspired looks I once ogled at and said, “I love that, and I wanna share it!” So here’s to sharing these and other mishmashes of pretty worthy things…

swarovski crystal earrings // jay’s world book collection // kate spade charm heel // petite flower arrangement // anthropologie oversized letters // face stockholm for j.crew // braided knot // madewell lace top

…And here’s to thanking all of *YOU* for listening and commenting and coming back for more! Your virtual presence is always a joy to think about when curating and creating this space, and I thank new and old followers for taking daily/weekly/monthly/YEARLY interest in past posts – as well as the next 200! Once again, here’s to looking forward to more pretty worthy!

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