dotty dealing

I talk about polka dots a lot – often at a bewildering frequency that makes it seem like my closet might double as a seriously spotted Yayoi Kusama installation ((only in my dreams…)). But the sad truth of the matter is that I’m all talk and no action when it comes to getting dotty. Why? Because every time (and I mean every time) I fall in love with a pair of spotted shorts or a spunky blouse or some patterned loafers, one of two things happens: (1) the price is outrageous and/or (2) my size is sold out. Lately, I’ve even been more than willing to look past price points if only I could get my hands on some damn polka dots! But alas, it’s slim pickings out there and my only hope for dotted glory has been the J.Crew chambray shirt below that will force nearly $100 out of my shrinking wallet.

THAT IS – UNTIL I stumbled into the most unlikely of places last week – a neighborhood Old Navy next to my favorite bookstore. I should have known there was a polka-dotted, big-big-bargain haven waiting for me on the other side of those sliding doors since this isn’t the first time Old Navy has surprised me with its treasures (you might remember these pink polka dots I snagged last year!). I am clearly a fool – but a very giddy and corrected fool once I scooped as many spots as I could. ((Old Navy is STOCKED with dots – see their full collection here!)) An exact J.Crew-replica dotted chambray ($25!) and a pair of printed shorts (only $16.50!) later, my polka-dot talk no longer felt cheap. Spending a whopping $41.50 on a complete outfit, however, totally cheap!

{images & styling by prettyworthy}

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