to the flower market

I pass the sweetest ‘Flower Market‘ sign almost everyday when driving down Fort Worth’s always bustling 7th Street, but I never really registered the fact that there could be a floral mecca hiding in plain sight. So last week when curiosity took over my morning coffee run, I decided to peek my head in the small shop to see if I had found a new favorite flower den. Of course, I absolutely did, and I knew it the second I saw a sign for NEON billy balls – NEON! Sold. Gathering up my most favorites – their selection is HUGE and super diverse – it took a mere twenty minutes before the Fort Worth Flower Market and I were BFF, now and ever more. And of course, I spent the rest of the morning hours playing with my purchases and arranging fresh color all around the house . . . .

{images by prettyworthy}

3 thoughts on “to the flower market

  1. I love this shop! Neon billy balls??? I’ll have to go get some. Did you see they’re putting an urban outfitters right next door in that old fur place? I love what they are doing to the building so far.

    • Heather – yes! I couldn’t believe my little eyes!! It seems like the perfect place for an Urban, too – I’ll definitely be spending more time on that corner soon!!

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