toot! toot!

That toot! toot! you hear from afar is pretty much the sound of me tooting my own horn – as well as that of friend and fabulous Fort Worth photographer Kari Crowe, who recently extended an exciting invitation to model in her Olympics celebration shoot. Alongside talented pals Stefanie Miles (of Lavender Joy Weddings) and Kate Foley (of Kate Foley Designs), these three ladies worked their magic to make me look like the spirited fan I certainly was all throughout the summer Olympics. Their work and their positive attitudes were so beautiful to work with, and everyone (especially those in the DFW area in need of some wedding/special event help) must check out the rest of the celebratory shoot here! And see all of Kari’s flawless work on her website. It’s also worth mentioning that we had the honor of having her photograph our engagement announcements about three years ago on TCU‘s campus (see below!), so, again, I recommend her any time, any day, any place. . . .she really knows her stuff!

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