animal instincts

I knew it would only take one week of class to take me away from the blog I love most! But that doesn’t mean I’ve forgotten about you ((how could I?!)) or how to waste time looking at pretty things on Pinterest ((girl needs a break sometimes!)) or how to shop for ridiculously cute animal print blouses in between classes ((for example)). . . . .

And once the Zara blouse was safely purchased and brought home and worn ((multiple times already, really)), I caught the animal bug – yes, there’s an animal bug going around, I suggest you watch your step ((and your wallet!)). It seems everything is printed these days with a cheetah or an elephant or a fabulous french hen, and I am more than happy indulge in a few more wild pieces. . . .

j.crew french hen sweater // cheetah blouse // h&m fox sweater // alex monroe bird earrings // tory burch ella tote // rifle & co zebra notes // ted baker dog bobble wallet // deer scarf // kate spade camels on parade ipad case // owl notebook // elephant bookends

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