A Merry {worthy} Christmas to you!

Well, hello there! Merry Christmas! Happy Hanukkah! SO nice to see you again – it’s been far, far too long since my last post, but if you recall from freer times when schedules were open and stress was low, I have a tendency to disappear from my favorite virtual spot in the world when school starts kicking my ass. It was a rough one, I tell ya, but somehow I’ve made it through, hopefully just in time to catch you snuggled up on the couch, monogrammed coffee mug in hand, laptop strategically balanced in lap, perhaps waiting for an update from yours truly. Or at least a little eye candy, which I most definitely can provide. I’m not going anywhere or doing anything else for the time being because I’m ((surprisingly)) stuck in this little white world called Texas…


So while time is aplenty and the fireplace is crackling on high, here’s a much happier photographic list of my little family’s activities while I’ve been on this hiatus from the worthiest place online. My hope – my prayer! – is to get back into the groove of blog things because really, truly, I’ve missed you all!

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Happy holidays, friends! 🙂

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