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Christmas Goodies

Ah, the saddest time of the year – taking down the tree, putting away the boxes of goodies, realizing you’ve devoured every single Christmas cookie you planned to send to relatives. The only upside to the days after is how much time you get to spend ogling at your gifts and admiring how perfectly all those new shoes and purses are going to fit into your wardrobe. Needless to say, I am highly obsessed with a certain Vineyard Vines goodie collection my brother bought me for Christmas because (a) Vineyard Vines is frat-tastic and (b) their mascot is a pretty pink whale – could it all get any cuter?! 

Around the Vine1

Around the Vine 2

And yes, that’s a coozie in the shape of a whale (only $5!!). And it just might be my favorite gift ever! The sweater, unfortunately, isn’t listed online – however this fleece pullover is, as is this logo long sleeve tee that I just can’t take off -, but you too can override the system like my awesome brother did and go directly to one of their beautiful stores and treat yo’ self!

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