Queen of Tartan

Queen of Tartan 1

When I turned around to look in the mirror yesterday morning, I realized I looked like Burberry had thrown up all over me. Then I noticed: I’m okay with this because (a) it’s mostly Burberry treats from Christmas and (b) Tartan is too cool for school. The amount of plaid going on in the shopping world – especially around the holiday – is quite fantastic, which is why I’ve put together the best of what I’ve seen around the web if your wish (like mine) is to fill your closet full of happy patterns…

Queen of Tartan 2

clockwise: Target Trench $34.98 // McQueen Laptop Case $85 // Pendelton Throw $88 // Forever 21 Trapper Hat $6.85 // LeMatch at Etsy Notebook $6.40 // Marni Top $178 // Denim Leggings by Topshop $50 // Tumbler Set by Target $6.98 // Burberry Gloves $375 // Burberry Rainboots $225 // 

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